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Men's T-Shirts - Sober By The Grace Of Good Orderly Direction

Men's T-Shirts - Sober By The Grace Of Good Orderly Direction

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10% of profits from each sale of this shirt is donated to the Herren Foundation

We support all of those who have become Sober, no matter how you have done it! The twelves steps of AA and NA talk about GOD as a Higher Power and not necessarily a religious one. A lot of people became Sober under the belief that their "GOD" of their understanding is their Good Orderly Direction and/or Higher Power. There are a lot of fellow addicts and alcoholics in the rooms who personally do not believe in GOD. It is not a requirement to become Sober. The beauty of the fellowship is that none of that matters. We do not judge anyone based upon their religious beliefs. This shirt is for our fellow addicts who have a strong spiritual connection with a Higher Power of THEIR understanding. If you are more religious, we have another T-Shirt "Sober By The Grace Of GOD" with a cross on the shirt and can be found HERE!
  • Men's Combed Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirts
  • Regular Retail Fit
  • Reinforced Side Seams
  • Twilled Tapered Shoulder Seams
  • Ribbed Knit Collar Seams
  • 10% of Profits Are Donated to the Herren Foundation


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