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Our Mission

Fellowship Apparel was born in the Recovery capital of the world, Delray Beach, Florida by a group of caring individuals who s upport mental illness awareness and research as well as addiction and alcoholism prevention. Our company is also starting to create a support system for cancer treatment and prevention as well as domestic violence prevention. We personally dedicating our lives to giving back and supporting each of these causes. We personally all know what it is like living with mental illness everyday and have also struggled with alcoholism and addiction our entire lives. We have members who know what it is like to struggle with the feeling of suicide and understand how imperative it is for these individuals to get the immediate help they need. Some of us have overcome such great personal trauma after tormenting us our entire lives. Everyone is in Recovery for something. However, we all have found a solution with the help of other caring people. 


Fellowship Apparel supports mental illness awareness and suicide prevention, and we will be donating 10% from all products related to mental illness and suicide prevention to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Our company supports everyone who is battling alcohol and drug addiction and hope they all find the strength to live a sober and happy life. We will be donating 10% from all products relating to addiction to the Herren Project that scholarships addiction treatment for those who don't have insurance or can't afford it. We also are huge supporters of trauma victims and survivors and 10% of any related products to these issues will be donate to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


Our other company goals include educating the world on these highly misunderstood issues. We are currently building the largest community of people who truly care about helping others and are willing to put in actual action. We are truly dedicated to helping others and are personally signing over a portion of our profits each and every month to these charities. Our goal is to continually increase the percentage of our profits that are donated to these charities as much as possible as we grow! Also, our company is not registered as a non-profit as of now, but our revenue is not being pulled out of the company at ALL. All profits will be used for donations, the company's growth, and creation of media content that brings awareness to addiction and mental illness to the World! With the help of others like you that contact us to be apart of our projects, our goal to reach main stream media with our awareness and bring our message to other Countries as well!