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We are looking for fellow recovering addicts and alcoholics that would like to share their story of their experience, strength, and hope with the World! We are creating a YouTube Channel and a section on our website featuring these submitted stories. Your story can help so many people recover from drugs and alcohol, but you have to share it first! You may make a video of your story or write an article. Please add a portrait photo you would like to use if you are writing an article. Please submit your video or article to today and help the World see we really do recover!

If you are a family member, friend, and/or loved one of an addict or alcoholic, and you would like to share your side of addiction, please submit your video or article about it. Unfortunately, one the best ways to try and get an addict or alcoholic's to want to stop using, is the fear of death. We have lost countless friends and family members to the disease of addiction. We know how hard this is, but if anyone would like to share the story of the their family, friend, and/or love one that has passed away from addiction or alcoholism, please share it with the World. You would be surprised how many people's lives you can help save by them listening to your unfortunate loss. Our hearts go out to all the still sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics out there trying and to those that lost their lives to this disease. You may submit any type of video or article that you think may help save another addict or alcoholic's life. That is and will always be, Fellowship Apparel's mission - to educate and help save as many lives as possible struggling with addiction! Please submit your video or article to today because it may help another person to Recover from drugs and/or alcohol.

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