How do you relieve your stress and anxiety? Here are 30 proven ways to relieve your stress and anxiety!

How do you relieve your stress and anxiety? Here are 30 proven ways to relieve your stress and anxiety!

1. Help other people to relieve your stress and anxiety!

One of the best ways to relieve our own problems is to help others with their own problems. This takes us out of our heads to focus on helping someone else.

When we help people, we gain a send of accomplishment and feel good afterwards. There is nothing else more rewarding, than helping others. If you continue to help others as a normal daily event, you will become a better person and feel much better about yourself. You will learn to love yourself more and become more confident!

2. Plan a solid sleep schedule and stick to it to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Sleep is incredibly important to you daily emotional state! We can't express this enough! It can determine our exact mood for our day when we wake up. You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. It is imperative that we get a good nights rest or our stress will be even greater. Your stress could actually be the cause of your bad sleep. They both go hand in hand.

Make sure your bed is comfortable and clean, eat at least 3 hours before bed, and take your sleep medication on time (if applicable).

Incorporate light meditation if you are having a hard time sleeping correctly such as Melatonin. If you are tossing and turning, get out of bed for a walk and then try to return to sleep.

Talk to a doctor if you are having serious sleep problems as this is one of the leading factors to anxiety/panic attacks for prescribed medication. We always recommend never being prescribed to anything that is not necessary.

3. Use your breathing to relieve stress and anxiety!

At the point when you're stressed or having an anxiety attack, you will generally take short, shallow breaths, and this increases your anxiety drastically.

To help relieve this, you must attempt to inhale with deep breathes gradually for a couple of minutes. Slowly in and out for as long as it takes to calm your nerves.

Utilize your gut to inhale and breathe slowly – it loosens up the body much more due to your diaphragm area relaxing the nerves from this breathing technique.

Breathe slowly at whatever point whenever you need to relieve your anxiety, as frequently as you wish – it is probably the most effortless approaches to unwind at any given time.

4. Exercise, even if it is a short and easy work out to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Moving around and exercising enables your body to release endorphins that will make you happy and give you a natural high. It additionally enables your body to decrease your stress response faster when exercising and helps you relax more quickly!

You don't have to be doing heavy work outs to achieve this. You can take walks to relieve stress and anxiety as well!

5. Practice guided or unguided mediation to relieve stress and anxiety!

Meditation is one of the number one ways that I relieve stress.

Guided meditations are a very simple approach to meditation if you are not comfortable with it. Whether you're a veteran or have novice knowledge of meditation, meditation is definitely one of the best approaches to relieve your anxiety and stress!

Tune into soothing music or voices for meditation if you are not using a guide. If you are using guided mediation, you will be advised how to loosen up all aspects of your body, how to inhale, what to envision in your mind and how to relinquish what's bothering you in your life. It is our recommendation to do guided mediation as being guided through it is less stressful because someone is telling you what to do. There are so many videos online and podcasts that you can listen to for guided mediation! Go find them now!

6. Exercise your mind and not just your body to relieve stress and anxiety!

Mindfulness is a scientific demonstrated approach to reliving stress and calming your psyche down. This allows us to become more resilient day by day with practice.

The primary goal of mindfulness is to acknowledge your sentiments and feelings simply the manner in which they are.

Give them a chance to be dealt with, observe them without judgment (like you're watching yourself from outside of your body) and then, take yourself back to the present minute.

Rather than living in your conjured up universe in your head, be here in the present in connection with the World and everyone in it!

You can do that by tuning into your senses – become in contact with touching things and smelling various things around you to focus on the outside World and not on what you are currently thinking of. We do this by focusing on your breath, capturing scents, sounds, and the colors all around you will keep you from being inside your head and your racing negative thoughts!

7. Change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts to relieve stress and anxiety!

If we are restless and discontent with our current state, then we must change our negative thinking in positive thinking! You have to tell yourself that you can overcome this problem!

Look at the problem from all angles. Is this problem going to affect you in a week from now? If not, your problem is far from a problem!

If looking at it at a different angle, try writing down some things you are grateful for in your life and that will give you a positive perspective on yourself!

8. Go outside to relieve stress and anxiety!

If you are current in a state of depression, stress, and/or having an anxiety attack, change your surroundings and go outside! Fresh air and a change of scenery can make a massive difference in your changing your mood.

Go outside and take a walk and take in the surroundings. Feel the different air, listen to the new sounds and take in all of the new smells. Sometimes we need to change our surroundings until our minds are clear of our current issues.

9. Take a hot bath or a hot shower to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Warm water is an incredible therapy for relieving stress. The heat on your body relaxes your muscles and nerves.

Also, if you are in a bath, you can do some heavy mediation while relaxing in a bath tub! Use relaxing bath bombs to relieve your stress as well!

10. Acknowledge the problem at hand to relieve your stress and anxiety!

The more we battle the problem we are having in our heads, the more the problem is going to affect us.

Instead of fighting the problem, accept it, understand where it is, and let it go. Coming to terms with the problem can allow your stress to subdue over time. If you believe in a higher power, turn that problem over to it to relieve you of this burden.

11. Write down all of your thoughts and feelings to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Another incredible method to relieve stress is to write it all out. Journaling is one of the best outlets to resolve problems. As you write, you could literally be changing your thoughts on the problem. You could work out the answer while writing about it!

Write down what is bothering you, how you feel, and what you are thinking at that exact moment in time. It doesn't remove the problems immediately, but it will make things more clear in your mind to deal with them better.

12. Set a time during everyday that you only allow yourself to deal with your daily stress factors to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Rather than be stressing over everything all day long. Why not choose only a certain time of the day to think about your current life problems? If you begin to stress, let it go until your time of the day when you address things.

Set a time for this like setting 8:00pm - 8:20pm to go over these issues. Just take out those stresses at the assigned time – at that point you can stress as much as you like! This will relieve you from it for the entire day until this time that you set.

13. Get with somebody to talk to relieve your stress and anxiety!

You may not feel like talking to anyone in your current emotional state, however, talking to someone else about what is bothering you is perhaps the most quickest way to help relieve you of your stress about a situation.

We all are looking for a connection with others, don't let your situation allow you to isolate. This makes it worse!

Another individual can give their perspective on your problem and give you a different insight on it. This may relieve the problem and your stress.

Instagram is a huge community of people that are recovering from life issues that would be more than happy to listen to you and help you! If you ever need to talk to anyone, you can also contact Fellowship Apparel's support email or phone number!

14. Beating it into your head that your current problem is only temporary will relieve your stress and anxiety!

This too shall pass is such a true statement! Nothing ever lasts. Time can heal all wounds.

Some may take somewhat longer, yet in the end, everything will get better with time. Practice patience.

15. Distract your mind from your problems!

The worst thing to do is to be stuck in your head thinking about your problem over and over again. You must give your mind something else to do!

Divert yourself from your problem by doing your favorite hobbies, running/walking, going shopping, talking to friends, doing your hair, or watching a movie, ect.

Your mind will attempt to return to negative thinking, but don't let it! Bring your attention back to whatever activity you were involved in and re-focus on that!

16. Tune in to an inspiring podcast or watch inspiration YouTube videos to relieve your stress and anxiety!

There are so many different types of inspirational media out there like podcasts and videos about how others have overcome such great adversity.

Fellowship Apparel is a community of people that are willing to help you! We will actually go out of our way to contact you, even by phone! Contact Fellowship Apparel at and our Instagram is at @fellowship.apparel !

17. Allow yourself the proper time to heal to relieve your stress and anxiety.

All you need is time to heal. Some problems require more time than others.

When our body undergoes stress, it actually releases hormones and the only way for this to be relieved is by time and those hormones settling down! Eventually, the stress will go away and you will feel better!

18. Download mobile applications to help you relieve your stress and anxiety!

There are applications for mediation and soothing music you can download to relieve stress! There are application to track goals that you want to achieve. There are applications for mental health and depression. Also, if you are in Sobriety, they have applications that you can track the time you have stayed Sober! Search your application store today!

19. Read articles about what is bothering you to relieve stress and anxiety!

In circumstances where we are not knowledgeable about what is bothering us, reading articles about it will help.

However, if you are already educated in your problem, reading articles might stress you out more. So understand the difference here!

By researching something we are not familiar with, we can validate if this is even a real problem, or if it is just being made up by yourself in your head!

20. Eat a rewarding meal to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Eating is something our body always appreciates! It is also a way that our body calms ourselves down for a brief period of time after consuming food. Our body releases endorphins from eating which in turn relieves stress and anxiety.

We prefer to preach eating something healthy. However, sometimes depending on your mood, you need to eat something unhealthy that you ridiculously love to obtain that endorphin release. Do not worry about counting calories if you are eating to release your stress, that will stress you out even more and defeat the purpose! Give yourself a chance to appreciate the nourishment and relax.

21. Using basic monotonic movements to relieve stress and anxiety!

Monotonic activities can be a truly interesting approach to relaxing. All this means is just doing anything, and repeating it over and over again.

Guys can practice a sport over and over again or girls could braiding hair. These actions over and over again keep us out of our heads and away from our stress!

22. Be in the present moment of here and now to relieve stress and anxiety!

At any point you are feeling overwhelmed and begin stressing again, remember to stay in the present. Get our of your head and focus on the current moment.

Live day by day, even second to second if that is what it takes to not focus on your problems! This will drastically relieve your stress and anxiety.

23. Just cry it all out to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Emotional overloads in our brain trigger crying. Don't ever hold that back. This is your body's way of releasing that negative energy. Embrace it! Guys, you too!

There is nothing wrong with crying! You may find how much this actually works and how quickly! Crying does relieve stress and anxiety. That is why you feel that release of energy when doing so.

24. Always find the brighter side to everything to relieve your stress and anxiety?

There is always an upside to even negative things. Re-think the situation from a different angle. You might need someone else's view to really see it differently. Never dwell on negativity. We can always find something out of a bad situation, even if it is just learning about our mistakes.

We can look at this is a positive manner. "This happened" but I learned "this" and "this", and I am a better, stronger person for overcoming it!

25. Be consistently grateful to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Appreciation for what you have and being grateful can transform any negative situation into a positive one.

When you are feeling stressed, make a list of a couple things you are currently grateful for in your life and focus on those positive things.

It is very hard to be negative, if you can continue to be humble and grateful of what you have on a daily basis.

Be appreciative for the little you have. You are breathing and you are alive, and that is a gift!

26. Open up your windows and let the fresh air and light in to relieve stress and anxiety!

Bring some light and positive energy into your life by simply opening windows in your house to let light and fresh air in. This change of lighting, temperature, and smell can bring us to a place of being calm once again!

Change in our surrounds, always changes our current state of thought to something new!

27. Check if your negative thoughts are even logical to stress over to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Cognitive distortion is where people get stuck in a negative thinking pattern and the brain basically starts lying to itself and makes the situation even more stressful. Our minds are always deceiving us in how we feel.

When we find ourselves in stressful situations, we must make sure the issue is even a valid issue or are we just making a big deal out of nothing? Remember, use the 1 week rule - if you aren't going to be upset about the issue you are concerned about in a week from now....then it isn't a problem.

28. Light a few candles and/or aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety!

Lighting a candle or incenses for aromatherapy makes for a peaceful atmosphere to relieve your stress and problems. Mix in some mediation, and you will be feeling better in no time!

29. Envision yourself strong and positive to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Everyone knows that our minds control everything in our body, including our emotions and therefore, we must believe what we want ourselves to feel like. We need to build self confidence.

Wake up and tell yourself that today you will not let anything affect you because you are a strong individual! Tell yourself that you can overcome anything, and you will!

30. Seek affection such as connecting or hugging with a friend or cuddling, kissing, ect. with a lover to relieve your stress and anxiety!

Your body releases Oxytocin when people connect with each other or are in physical contact with one another. The Oxytocin that is released when cuddling can lower blood pressure and heart rate tremendously. Both of which will relieve your stress and anxiety!

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