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Ashleigh's Bio

"Hello my name is Ashleigh Rayl! I’m a full time worker, a mother of two beautiful children and a loving person. I’m a best selling published poetry author of two books ‘Nothing Was a Waste’ and ‘A Beautiful Difference’. I’m also a recovering addict with 8 years clean and was diagnosed with bi polar, borderline personality disorder and with sleep paralysis. My goal is to get involved as much as I can in the recovery and mental health community to spread the knowledge I have gained over the years in my sobriety. I love to inspire and motivate others through my words that it is possible to recover, learn to be your best self and thrive in life! All you need is the love and confidence in yourself to make the necessary steps to succeed. It is the most powerful things I have encountered here in my 28 years and what I support whole heartedly. The power of kindness. The power of love. The power of confidence. The power of patience." 
- Ashleigh Rayl